Aug 18, 2020

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Ambassador Bangura gives Kambia youth Le1.5M for cleaning cit

By Gibril Gottor

Pix: Gibril GOTTOR/TV-News24…Amb. Alimamy Hassan Bangura (arrowed) looks on as Kambia United Youth Volunteers (KUYV) engaged in cleaning the town

KAMBIA (TV-News24) — Sierra Leone Ambassador to the Republic of Guinea Ambassador Alimamy Hassan Bangura recently handed Kambia United Youth Volunteers $150 for engaging in a cleaning exercise, and beautifying Kambia town with flowers.

Bangura lauded the young men for the volunteerism project — as they cleaned the five kilometers stretch of the township — an act some say contributes to health and social cohesion in the communities.

“Your move tells me the level of transformation that has taken place in the youth sector. Before now, we used to hear our young people saying ‘bra u borbor dae’… but seeing such an organized group voluntarily supporting the progress of their district, and town, is a novelty. I want to express my thanks with a little token of $150 as motivation for your good dream,” Bangura says,

KUYV provides voluntary community services around Kambia — and have promised to start a 50-acre cassava farm project between Kambia I and Kambia II — which they say, is several of their endeavors to beautify the town.

The chiefdom administration and district office donated the land to the youth volunteering group.

Alhaji Ahmed Tarawalie aka ‘Stubborn Fly’, the project’s mastermind says they are determined to give a facelift to the district headquarter — encouraging his colleagues to become more useful and productive.

“I am not a Kambia native. But I promised making central Kambia beautiful and attractive to tourists. Everybody can attest to the fact that flowers beautify an area, or a compound.

That’s why I thought it fit to engage in the beautification and cleaning of the entire township of Kambia. And with the help of my fellow youth, I believe in the adage: ‘Youthfulness is Usefulness’,” Alhaji says.

Pix: Gibril GOTTOR/TV-News24…the ambassador taking part in the action as he helps plant a flower

Ade Young aka ‘Son of all Sons’ said they have put ‘sustainability plan’ in place with the support of traditional rulers.

“We are also willing to contribute from our savings to procure materials we shall use to sustain our dreams, like watering can, scissors among others, to maintain the flowers even in the dry season. We pray to witness a beautiful town when our flowers shall have germinated,” Ade says.

The efforts of the youth have been recognized by authorities, and many others in the community.

Hon. Paramount Chief Bai Farama Tass Bubu N’gbak IV applauds the youth’s initiatives in preventing environmental hazards in the area.

“I am always open to supporting good initiative like this from young people and will always stand by you for the right reasons,” says Chief N’gbak IV.

Civil Rights Movement — a civil society advocacy organization — had been integral in all of these developments.

CRM says it is a way of keeping the youth motivated — to enhance positive outcome for the benefit of the Kambia people.