Tilorma residents exposed to river blindness as black flies invade village

Pix: Osman Hardy JALLOH…Tilorma village dump site likely the source of black flies invading the residents, and causing them to cook and eat inside their homes

“They flies are so plenty; some of them are big whilst others are small and are black in colour,” Bawoh says.

“We can’t afford to cook or eat in an open place, because the flies will sit or enter into the food except, we have a fanner to drive them off. The numerous flies coming from the dump site have overtaken the village,” Vandi says.

Pix: Osman Hardy JALLOH…The irony that Tilorma village prides itself as a “clean and helathy environment’ — now, being invaded by black flies from a dump site

“The Council deceived us by making us to believe the dump site was to improve on waste for the betterment of the village, but instead brought sickness to our community. Even the annual payment rent agreement of the land is not being adhered to,” Chief Fogbawa says.

Pix: Osman Hardy JALLOH/TV-News24… Kenema corrspondent HARDY (L), risking it all as he conducts an interview at the dump site

“This issue came up in our District Security Committee (DISEC) meeting today. A team will travel this afternoon to the Village to apply disinfections on the waste to get rid of the flies,” Musa says.




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A News Media Organization Holding to Account The Powers That be - in The Public Interest...

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